Twitter is doing everything it can to keep its users engaged.

It’s no news that Twitter is struggling with keeping its users on the platform. More and more people are abandoning their Twitter accounts each month, and less and less are creating new ones.  In an effort to understand this social media migration, the company tried to understand the weaknesses of its platform, and abusers were number one on the list.

After acknowledging the problem, they started working on a solution. Thus Twitter’s new update allows you to report abusers easier. It seems that there were countless users who were not happy with the old reporting system.

When a user was harassed by another one, the victim had to report each post separately. Moreover, the person being harassed was not able to attach the tweets from the first time, the system making them go through multiple steps.

Basically, the pre-update Twitter was friendlier with the abusers than the victims of on-line harassment. The complicated reporting procedure made the victims give up trying to notify the platform of its violet users, so the abusers were left alone.

Adding the fact that cyberbullying has increased in numbers in the last years, you understand why people were leaving Twitter by the masses. There is no denying the fact that the micro-blogging platform was affected by new social media websites and apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine.

But the real problem, it seems, were the abusers who lurked on Twitter’s News Feed. Maybe they’re the same people that complained about Twitter’s new algorithm that changed what they saw on their feed. The ones that opposed the change because they knew that eventually they would be punished for their own crimes.

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Twitter’s new update allows you to report abusers easier in the sense that you can flag multiple tweets at once and send them with your complaint to the social network.

Company representatives declared that they are hopeful that the new measures will keep abusers at bay, and users on the platform.

Twitter is encouraging every user that had unpleasant experiences on the platform due to a cyber bully to report the abuser. Especially now that the reporting protocol is easier and improved.

According to the company’s blog post “[they] want everyone on Twitter to feel safe expressing themselves. Behavior that crosses the line into abuse is against [their] rules and [they] want it to be easy for you to report it to [them].”

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