Dyson is known for its state of the art vacuum cleaners.

The beauty industry is starting to get high tech. Women are willing to pay significant amounts of money on products that will guarantee them a fresh, natural, healthy look. Up until now, the best hair dryer on the market was selling for a couple hundreds of dollars, promising the spenders that their curls will not be damaged by heat. And the new hair dryer by Dyson is guarantying them healthy drying at low temperatures and little to no noise.

Dyson made a name for itself with top-notch vacuum cleaners. The company used to dominate the market, providing men and women everywhere with the most efficient tools to suck the dirt and lint of carpets and floors.

Then, a couple of years back, they revolutionized the market of hand-driers. The Dyson Blade is now occupying nearly every public restroom in the world, drying the hands of people with little effort. There have been talks recently that the company’s famous hand-drier is actually spreading more germs with its powerful air stream than all other devices combined, but Dyson proved them otherwise.

So we have vacuum cleaners and hand dryers that use intense jets of air to make the life of people everywhere easier. The next logical step for a company that is famous for the way in which it uses air currents was to come up with a state of the art hair dryer.

And they did just that. The new hair dryer by Dyson is a project that the company’s team and three collaborating hair scientists worked on for four years. And the device they build exceeds the expectations of the clients.

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The new hair dryer by Dyson weighs only 1.1 pounds and is powered by a small motor which has the diameter of a quarter. Furthermore, the material used for the motor is the same aluminum compound that is currently used in jet engines.

The design of the device makes noise fade, allowing individuals to use it without letting the entire house know that they are drying their hair. The makers inspired themselves from a seashell. The way in which the shell is curved allows sounds to dissipate.

Thus, thanks to the curves of the hair dryer, the noise of the powerful motor is muffled, making it one of the most silent hair drying devices on the market. And the perks of the new hair dryer by Dyson are reflected by the price.

The device will be available starting this week in Japan, and September in the United States, for “only” $399.

Image source: YouTube

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