Xiaomi just announced their latest VR headset and it continues the line with the name Mi VR Play 2. Previous one obviously being called the Mi VR Play was launched last year with an affordable price and a promising functionality. Let’s see if they are continuing the trend.

There is not a lot we know about it just yet. But we do know that the new Mi VR Play 2 is made from a cloth-like material which makes it a lot lighter than the previous one. There are invisible cooling holes in the face area. So that you can get a good air circulation. Because the VR is strapped to your face and without good air circulation you will be sweating a lot resulting in a bad experience. Xiaomi claims that it is a lot easier to insert your smartphone into the headset and use.

All of this has a price tag of CNY 99, which is about $14. No news on an international launch and I doubt there will be one. But let’s hope for the best and hope a third party dealer would come to rescue.


Source | Mydrivers



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