Western Digital is on a role with their latest SSD drives and USB C products. They just announced another new USB C powered hard drive named the G-Drive USB-C. Western Digital has been in the hard drive game for some time now and they have been doing a great job at it. Let’s see what they are bringing to the table.

As I have told you in previous articles, there is not a lot to talk about when we are talking about hard drives. It is the size and speed and the ports – that is basically it. So the G-Drive USB-C obviously has a USB-C port and comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable right in the box. It also works with a Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1, USB 3.0 and also USB 2.0 interface. It comes in at 4TB and gets up to 8TB and 10TB. So they are starting off with a big drive and giving you even more. It looks awesome actually. You can put it in front of your computer and people will think it’s some kind of a sound system or a non-antenna router. It just looks good. Not just this it has its own power core and also you can charge your laptop with it! Yup, it has a 45 watt USB Power supply. So you can charge up your laptop with it easily. That is the

The G-Drive USB-C has a price tag of $199.95 for the 4TB version, for the 8TB version it will cost you about $349.95 and $499.95 for the 10TB version. It is expected to be available within this summer.

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Source | BusinessWire