Astronomers have identified another dwarf planet which resembles Pluto.

Scientists from the University of Michigan have revealed a dwarf planet in the solar system which seems similar to Pluto. This new planet called by the astronomers 2014 UZ224 is registered to be the farthest planet of this size ever dated by now. Pluto’s sister dwarf planet was recently unveiled by David Gerdes astronomers’ team. Gerdes have invented the Dark Energy Camera which helped the Department of Energy to continue its search for distant galaxies.

  • Astronomers have recently identified a new dwarf planet.
  • They hope this will drive them to the discovery of the ninth planet.

Two years ago, in 2014, he delegated a young team of undergraduates to analyze some captures taken by the Dark Energy Camera to spot very distant planets. Several photos taken at several weeks distance made possible the comparison which indicated the existence of the new dwarf planet 2014 UZ224. The planet it was pointed out after noticing its continuous movement on the black background.

The 2014 UZ224 can be categorized like Pluto’s other sister planets as Eris, Ceres, Makemake and Haumea which are all dwarf planets. Even if only five of all dwarf planets are attested, specialists still claim that there a lot more small planets similar to planet floating the Kuiper Belt. This is situated beyond Neptune’s orbit, and it is believed to be the sum of other dwarf planets together with asteroids and comets.

This new planet is known to be the most isolated one ever discovered. This celestial object orbits around the Sun with 8.5 million miles, being twice as far as Pluto. 20134 UZ224 takes approximately a thousand tears to complete a full rotation around the Sun. Pluto’s sister dwarf planet is assumed to help astronomers discover the Planet Nine. This ninth planet is supposed to orbit around Pluto.

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The only proof that indicates the existence of Planet Nine is given by the orbits of other celestial objects from that area. If the existence of the ninth planet will be attested, then its gravitation will be bound to influence the trajectories of another small planet from the solar system like 2014 UZ224.

By finding out more information about Pluto’s sister dwarf planet, experts hope to reveal more proofs for the Planet Nine’s existence, being able to locate it.

Do you believe that the discovery of a ninth planet will change astronomers’ perspective over our solar system?

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