Google has just launched a new food and service delivery system called Areo. You will be able to order food and arrange a number of home services. The software is still in its starting in a very beta state. It is only available in India. Not even all of India, only in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Let’s see what they are trying out at.

Areo itself is a very simple software. It will provide different service including food, home maintenance, appliance repair, carpentry, electrical work, pest control, plumbing, house cleaning and a lot more actually. Areo is not providing any of the service. They are kind of the third party that makes the connection between us and the actual service providers.

The way Areo works is that you provide your location and they will show all the services that are available in your location. You can see the price for the service or the product and just order directly from the app. The rest will be done by the service providers. This just leaves the hassle of calling the place and asking for the price and offers. It is like having an updated menu in your hands at all times.

The app is only available on Android right now. But as they expand we are expecting an iOS app too. Right now there are only a limited number of companies associated with it. But considering how popular it gets, more and more service providers will be getting into it.


Source | Google Play



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