Buzz Aldrin criticized the internal organization of the Space Agency.

Buzz Aldrin believes that NASA’s approach to the upcoming Mars Mission is wrong. The astronaut feels that there’s a safer and easier way to reach the Red Planet and that the competition between the Space Agency and the private sector is not healthy.

  • Buzz Aldrin was the second man to step foot on the Moon after Neil Armstrong.
  • Aldrin is also the first astronaut with a D. in engineering.
  • The Mars mission is set to take place in However SpaceX declared that they will be ready to send a manned mission to the Red Planet on 2024.

According to Aldrin, NASA is currently “going about Mars exploration the wrong way.” The former astronaut thinks that the competition that the Space Agency is leading with the private sector is unhealthy.

Moreover, he stated that due to the fact that NASA is competing and not collaborating with the private companies, the latter are going to win the race to the Red Planet because they are using cutting-edge technology and investing more in good, highly performant rockets that will take the brave men and women to the desired planet.

Up until the Humans to Mars international conference, the astronaut hesitated to comment on the approach that NASA has on the upcoming Mars Mission.

However, during the conference he decided to speak his mind, criticizing the SLS rocket and the overall organizing method of the Space Agency.

According to Buzz Aldrin, the organization is still handling its missions with a 1970s view. Furthermore, the SLS rocket that they are still using is based on the configuration and technology of the 1970s. It may be efficient, but it is far less impressive than the Falcon that SpaceX designed.

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The second man to the moon even attempted to draw the attention of the presidential candidates in order to underline the importance that the Mars mission should have.

“A president who appeals to our higher angels and takes us closer to the heavenly body we call Mars will not only make history – he or she will be long remembered as a pioneer for mankind to reach, to comprehend and to settle Mars.”

In his vision, the mission to the Red Planet is crucial because it will teach humankind how to prepare for colonization, how to manage in alien environments, and ultimately, it will give some of us to start fresh on a whole new world.

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