Earlier this week, Apple just released its latest video editing tool called Clips on iTunes.

Earlier this week, Apple just released its latest video editing tool called Clips. This became generally available in the iTunes App Store starting on April 06th. The editing tool app was specifically designed for social media use on iPad and iPhone devices. It will also function with the iPod Touch.

Apple Clips Should Come With A Wide Variety Of Editing Tools

The iTunes app page also came with a description of the app’s features and potential uses. More exactly, Clips was presented as a way in which to make new, fun videos. Ones which can be shared with anyone from the family to the whole world.

“With a few taps, you can create and send a video message or tell a quick story with animated text, graphics and emoji, music, and more.”

The Clips interface should reportedly be quite easy to use. It should offer the user a simple tool capable of creating videos in real time. Apple stated that it would have no complicated editing options, no tracks, nor a timeline.

Through Clips, users will also be able to shoot live photos and videos, which can be added to the library. The app will also come with a video length adjustment option as a well as a “Mute” audio feature. Users should also be able to reorder the app clips and media.

Apple Clips will come with its fair share of quite expected features. As such, it should offer a variety of filters. At the same time, it offers some ‘fun effects’ as well. These will include speech bubbles, logos, or arrows that can be placed on top of an image.

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Some of these will also provide some extra information on the media, for example, the location or time when the user captured it. Clips will also come with a voice recognition feature. This should be able to translate speech into on-screen captions automatically.

These are also just some of the features available on the app. All the media created with this app will be shareable on other social media platforms.

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