When Amazon launched Kindle people took it greatly. With the E Ink display, affordable price and wide range of books from Amazon they became popular very fast and Kindle became the supreme electronic reading device.

Amazon is giving us a new and upgraded version of Kindle. Kindle was not updated for a long time. Amazon finally updated their e-reader. This is probably the first Kindle to come with a white color option other then the 2010’s Kindle Keyboard and it is called Kindle paperwhite. It is priced at $119.99 in the color white and it is available for preorder.

The other new Kindle model cost’s about $79.99. But it now has almost twice as memory from the previous model. This gives it better and faster navigation. It is also a little thinner and lighter then the previous version. The design is a lot more comfortable and easier to hold. This model of Kindle has a touchscreen display. But it does not have the 300 ppi screen. Amazon says that it will have weeks of battery life but they do not really say how long it will last. But I’m guessing it will be pretty good looking at the previous developments.


Amazon did not give this model a lot of new features. They just wanted to give us a cheaper version of the Kindle bunch. They are not expecting the people that own the Kindle Voyage, Paperwhite or Oasis to buy this new model. But they do expect to get some new readers. With a new paint job and a little more speed then the previous one. This should be a very good option for someone to just try out if they like to read e-books. All together this seems a good addition to the already popular line of products. Just giving the people a some more options to chose from.

Source | Amazon

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