From the company that brought us Fables, Batman, and The Walking Dead comes yet another point-and-click adventure game that is sure to keep Marvel fans on their toes. As the first episode of the Guardians of the Galaxy videogame has already been released, let us see what comic-book aficionados should expect from the adaptation.

Players Are Introduced to Thanos from the First Episode

While some critics believe that Telltale’s usual slow-moving pace doesn’t go hand in hand with what fans love about the Marvel Universe, the first episode of the Guardians of the Galaxy game can be considered a success.

At the beginning, Star-Lord responds to a Nova Corps distress call. The attack is lead by none other than Thanos, the Guardians’ arch nemesis. After a few acts of pure heroism – the trademark of all Marvel heroes – or groveling – depends on what the player chooses – the team ends up on a remote planet where Thanos is desperately searching for something.

Upon reaching the planet’s surface, the team sets out to find – and hopefully defeat – their nemesis. However, Telltale kept true to its nature and filled the game with a plethora of details, players knowing better than to dismiss any insignificant-looking object, message, or body part.

In order to make matters even more complicated, a temple blocks the Guardians’ way, Star-Lord having no choice but to separate from the gang and try to find a way to open the doors from within. As he searches the ruins, Peter Quill comes face to face with the aftermath of Thanos’ wrath, the complex being filled with the bodies of Nova Corps members and crashed ships.

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Until now, it all sounds very Marvel-like. However, when foul-mouthed smartass guns a-blazing Star-Lord has to turn into Sherlock Holmes and gather small individual pieces of evidence, fans started to have second thoughts about Telltale’s latest installment.

Luckily, it doesn’t take long before the Guardians must face a powered-up Thanos. Players swap between Gamora and Star-Lord, attacking the villain with both swords and pistols. The comic relief comes with Rocket attempting to piece together his oversized weapon.

Even though the new Guardians of the Galaxy videogame is not exactly what fans were expecting, the majority of players will certainly come back for the second episode, especially after they get a glimpse of the relic Thanos was desperately searching.

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