The latest TVs are gorgeously slim. But a richly colored layer of photons is downright ethereal.

1. Sony VPL-VW675ES

BEST FOR: Flush 4K adopters
Get the same picture quality you’d find at a great movie theater. Sony’s pricey 4K cannon res 1,800 lumens of lifelike, high-dynamic-range video out of its motorized lens. It’s future-proof too—it handles the HLG video format, which will eventually be used for broadcasts with deep-color effects. | $15,000

2. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UB

BEST FOR: Demanding Blu-ray buffs
Can’t afford 15 grand? This 1080p hi-def projector does an elegant job of striving for 4K performance. Epson’s show box can accept 4K sources and play them back with HDR effects. It’s not the same level of eye dazzle as an 8-megapixel image, but with the PowerLite’s pixelshifting tricks and impressive 2,500-lumen output, your peepers certainly won’t protest | $2,999

styling by Amy Taylor

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