DACA recipient Juan Manuel Montes has been caught trying to enter the U.S illegally

DACA recipient and Trump deportee, Juan Manuel Montes, was taken into custody by the U.S border Patrol after attempting to get back into the U.S. This is the immigrant’s second attempt at entering the country. Montes is now taking legal action against U.S. Customs and Border Protection for wrongful detainment.

Montes was part of a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that protected immigrants from getting deported if they were brought to the U.S as children. As a result, the participants were given work permits and permission to remain in the country. While the participants of this program were appropriately nicknamed „dreamers” Trump squashed their dreams by announcing DACA’s shutdown in September.

The immigrant is claiming to have been wrongfully deported to Mexico in February even though U.S. authorities say Montes left on his own free will. Montes’ first attempt into the U.S. stripped his DACA protections as a result, the government stated.

Border patrol agents caught the man near Calexico, California even though the officers claim Montes was supposed to wait for his court proceedings in Mexico. According to Montes, he was visiting some friends in a border community and was waiting for a taxi when a Border Patrol agent approached him.

„Our agents witnessed and arrested Mr. Bojorquez making an illegal entry into the United States for the second this year”  states Assistant Chief Patrol Agent, David S. Kim.

The former dreamer’s defense lawyers say the man was the first-known recipient of DACA to be deported by Trump’s authorities. They also claim the man to have a valid DACA permit that would have lasted him until January 2018. Montes said he didn’t have the permit on him when he was detained nor did he let the agents know of his DACA membership.

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Montes is now considered by pro-Daca groups to be a poster-child for their cause.The groups filed lawsuits for the man’s safe re-entry into the U.S. At the moment Montes’ case is still up in the air.

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