The Australian government made public a new law proposal regarding cyber security. If this bill passes, tech companies such as Facebook and Google will be coerced to give in to power abuse. In other words, they will have to obey authorities’ demands to hand over users’ private messages in an attempt to reveal the true nature of suspected terrorists and other criminals.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Sees This Power Abuse as Necessary for Law Support

On Friday, the Australian government pushed forward a new type of cyber security law. This bill would force tech companies to breach the private lives of online users to the greater good of the nation. The tech community isn’t on board with such a future.

Organizations such as Facebook are concerned that once they give authorities what they want, they would leave communication vulnerabilities behind. Afterward, hackers will be able to take advantage of these weak points. In the end, this measure might turn against authorities themselves and users might become collateral damage.

The Parliament will submit this bill to vote by November. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull explained the proposed obligations for tech companies as similar to those that telephone firms have. These entities are already forced by law to help enforcement agencies by serving them information. If law agents present them with a warrant, they have to comply with their demands.

Turnbull stated that it is getting more difficult by the day for agents to annihilate terrorism or illegal drug networks. That’s because the levels of encryption reached superior levels nowadays. Therefore, the law department is in dire need for tech companies’ collaboration to do their job.

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Facebook Commented that Once Authorities Are in, Anybody Can Follow Them

Turnbull is also aware of the Silicon Valley culture that cherishes liberalism which can develop an anti-governmental nature. However, the Prime Minister considers that it is high time for platform creators helped the law make its presence felt in the online world as well.

A Facebook statement surfaced in response to such a bill. The text claims that once law agents penetrate a security wall, then anybody can follow them, even those with malicious intentions. Therefore, tech companies are dismissive of yielding to such a power abuse.

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