Former U.S Vice President expressed his disappointment at Trump’s decision on climate change

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump announced that he will pull out of the Paris Agreement. Trump stated that, in fact, the agreement undermines the U.S’ commercial interests. As a result, climate change activist and former U.S Vice-President Al Gore accused Trump of siding with industries that are very large carbon polluters.

Asked by BBC4 if Trump can be persuaded to change his stance, Al Gore stated that he is not confident the President can be dissuaded anymore.

Gore Says Despite This, the U.S Will Respect Commitments

Gore declared that he has had talks with President Trump as soon as he became a resident of the White House. Moreover, he had reasons to believe Trump will stay in the Paris agreement. However, it seems that Trump surrounded himself with a “rogues gallery of climate deniers”. Al Gore added:

The truth about the climate crisis is still inconvenient for the large carbon polluters and the politicians they completely control, including President Trump.

This could also be an explanation for the situation with the President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. She was highly criticized for her inability to dissuade her father on issues such as the Paris agreement and LGBTQ civil rights. Alo Gore confirmed that Ivanka was for the agreement and it felt like a plus to the environmentalists.

After Trump announced he will pull out, Al Gore did not speak to the President or Ivanka. However, he stated that the U.S will respect its commitments to the agreements which involve respecting the limit of carbon emissions. In addition, Gore noted the support he received from business leaders, states, and other countries. The price for solar and wind power dropped following the announcement to aid in the effort to create a greener future. Gore said that they will work to respect the Paris agreement regardless of Donald Trump’s official statements.

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