WizTree 3.10 is an important update for the software that displays the size distribution of files on Windows PCs; the new version comes with a new Visual Treemap display mode, new keyboard shortcuts, and other improvements.

We reviewed WizTree 3.0 less than a month ago. The version introduced a dedicated 64-bit program, support for NTFS hard links, and direct feedback on file deletions.

WizTree is available as a portable software that you can run from any location. You need to select one of the connected partitions and activate the scan button afterwards to get a sorted listing of the largest folders and files on that drive.

You may run select operations, delete for instance, right in the interface, or make use of other options, for instance to open a folder in Explorer.

WizTree 3.10

First thing that veteran WizTree users may notice is that the default interface has changed. You still get the handy tree view listing, but also the new Visual Treemap view mode and the file type view mode.

Visual Treemap uses the same system that WinDirStat uses to visualize the space distribution on the drive. Each rectangle represents a file on the scanned drive.

The file name, path and size is shown when you hover the mouse over a rectangle, and when you select it, you are taken directly to it in the tree view listing. You cannot zoom in or out currently which makes the new display mode useful only for large enough files that you can select using the mouse, or for location folders that store a lot of files.

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You may hide the new display mode with a click on Options > Show Treemap, or by using the keyboard shortcut F9 to toggle it.

F9 is one of the new keyboard shortcuts of WizTree 3.10. The new version of the program includes these additional shortcuts:

  • F3 — To select a folder or drive.
  • F4 — Reset tree expansion.
  • F6 — Select parent.
  • F7 — Re-select child node
  • F8 — Show file types.
  • F9 — Show Treemap.

The second new display mode, File Type View, displays a breakdown of files by extension. This list is sorted by size as well, so that you can see the file types that occupy the most space on a drive.

File types are color coded so that you may associate them with rectangles on the Visual Treemap visualization directly.

WizTree 3.10 comes with three additional features. The program supports high contrast mode on Windows now, and it includes translations for select languages right away (Chinese, Polish, Russian and Ukraine).

Users who make a donation to support the author — recommended — get a supported code when they do which they may enter in the program to hide the donate button in the interface.

Closing Words

WizTree is an excellent program for Windows that evolves constantly. The author is highly active, and new versions with new features get pushed out regularly.

Now You: Do you use a program to analyze space distribution on hard drives?

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