Textify is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to copy pretty much any text from any dialog box or element that you see on the screen. This includes text that cannot be copied by normal means.

Note: The release version of Textify, version 1.6.1 at the time of writing, is flagged as malicious by many antivirus engines. A check on Virustotal returned 17 hits out of 65 engines with major players such as Avast, Avira, Kaspersky and Symantec all flagging the program. Most flag it as generic or adware however, and it seems likely that those are false positives. Still, I recommend you wait until the issue is resolved before you run the program. Windows may block the execution as well, but you can bypass the blocking.

Textify is created by a long standing developer who publishes popular Windows programs such as Unchecky or 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

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Textify 1.6.1 with web integration

The main idea behind Textify is to make it easier to copy text from elements that text cannot be copied by normal means. So, instead of having to copy the text by hand, you may use Textify to copy it in one go.

The program maps the function to the middle mouse button, and activates it only if the Shift-key is held down when the middle mouse button is clicked. You may change the modifier and mouse in the program settings.

The major change in Textify 1.6 introduces options to run web searches and other activities right away. The program ships with four options by default: You can send text to Google Translate, or run searches on Wikipedia, Google or DuckDuckGo.

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textify interface

The program displays the four default options right in the interface when the functionality is invoked. You may simply copy the text as well if you prefer that.

It is relatively easy to add your own web services to the application; you need to edit the ini file of the program for that, and may want to use the existing four services as a blueprint on how to add your own services (or modify one of the existing services instead).

Closing Words

The integration of web services makes a lot of sense, as it improves the workflow further; handy if you need to research error messages, translate text, or use other web services that you have added to the application’s ini file.

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