My Device is a free application for Google’s Android operating system that displays all there is to know about an Android device in its interface.

Knowing which features your Android device supports and which it does not, can be quite important. The lack of features may explain why you cannot use applications that require certain features for instance, or why you are running out of space constantly.

Even Android users who researched their device extensively before making a buying decision may not know all there is to know about the device. While tech savvy users know the most important specs, like the Android version of their device, the manufacturer, brand and model name, or the RAM it comes with, other hardware features may be known to a lesser degree only, if at all. While these users may be able to name some sensors the device comes with, it is likely that they won’t be able to name them all.

That’s where system information applications like My Device come into play: they display all there is to know about a smartphone or tablet.

My Device

My Device is a free application. It does not require extra permissions, comes without ads, and without in-application purchases.

It displays core information like the device manufacturer, brand, model, and screen resolution on start. A tap on the menu icon lists the various options that it provides you with to dig deeper.

A tap on features for instance displays the device’s core features. You find out whether it supports NFC, Bluetooth, low-latency audio, GSM, or HiFi Sensors, and more. This alone can be quite useful, as it may tell you right away why certain features or apps won’t work or run on the device.

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A tap on Sensors lists all supported sensors and detailed information about each that include vendor, power, and actual readings.

android sensors

Hardware information, about the cpu, memory, network and battery us supported as well. Battery lists its capabilities and health status; CPU detailed information such as the CPU model and cores, actual RAM and supported features of the processor.

My Device lists user installed applications and system apps as well. This listing is not overly spectacular, as you can only run these apps but not manage them in any other way.

Closing Words

My Device is a fast, very powerful informational application for Android that provides you with detailed information on the device’s capabilities and installed hardware and software.

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