Zemana AntiLogger is a professional security software for Microsoft Windows PCs that protects the system against keyloggers.

The program does more than that though: it offers ransomware protection, removes adware and unwanted programs from Windows devices, and detects malware and hidden processes as well.

Zemana AntiLogger is designed to complement resident antivirus software on the Windows machine. The application protects the PC against threats in real-time, and comes with options to whitelist applications which is useful if you encounter the occasional false positive.

We were able to secure big discounts for a 1-year and 3-year subscription for the service. The 3-year subscription is available for $19.99 instead of $104.85, the 1-year subscription for $9.99 instead of $34.95.

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As far as specs are concerned, the program supports any version of Windows starting with Windows XP including Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Keyloggers are some of the most insidious malware invading the web these days, infecting your computer and recording your keystrokes so that hackers may see what information you’re inputting to certain sites. This makes identity theft and financial deception especially easy. However, Zemana AntiLogger recognizes, prevents, and blocks all of these nefarious activities with its powerful, efficient, and user-friendly app. It monitors your PC against hackers and prevents any kind of attempts to record or steal your private data, while blocking any kind of suspicious activity. You can’t have your own back all the time, so let Zemana AntiLogger lighten the load.

  • Transmits credit card numbers, social security numbers, & login credentials over secure SSL all the time
  • Camouflages your daily online activities w/ keystroke logging protection
  • Provides the best ransomware protection on the market
  • Detects malware & hidden malicious processes that may be hiding on your PC
  • Removes adware infections, browser add-ons, unwanted apps, & tool bar
  • Works continuously in the background blocking infections before they reach your PC
  • Analyzes each unknown file in the cloud w/ Pandora Technology before they execute on your PC
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