When it comes to doing speedruns of a game, shaving off seconds anywhere it’s possible becomes the utmost priority. What’s interesting is when you consider the international versions of games in different languages often means that some cutscenes progress faster in one language than another. That’s a great boon to speedrunners looking to get the fastest time.

The above video comparison shows all the available languages in the game and their cutscene speed at the beginning of the game. It turns out, the German Wii U version of the game offers the best starting point for speedrunners who are looking to get the shortest times possible.

We’ve seen a lot of interesting speedrunning records set lately as plenty of talented people mow their way through the game. Our last report has the record set at around 45 minutes to beat the game using the German version and this video clearly shows how that run was accomplished.

Remember, this isn’t the first time that an international version’s voice acting has cut out a lot of the chaff and made it easier to speed through the game. The Japanese version of Skyward Sword cut nearly 17 minutes off of the speedrun for that game, thanks to the speedy voice acting found in it.

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