While it’s been nearly as hard to find a Switch Pro Controller as it has the actual console, it seems that some people are reporting problems with the D-Pad on the controller. A cursory search of YouTube reveals that several people have made videos about the issues they’re experiencing, which seem to be the Up and Down buttons also triggering when you press left and right.

While it’s hard to tell what’s going on with these videos, there are also text reports of issues that people are experiencing with their Pro Controllers. In a reddit thread titled, “Pro Controller dpad not that great” several users expressed their dissatisfaction with how the D-Pad on the controller works.

Mine constantly recognizes up input when i’m pressing left.

I’m glad it’s not just me. I’m very gentle with my controllers and I noticed the dpad acting up after a few hours of shovel knight. Casting magic when I’m trying to attack was super annoying. My dpad also clicks a little and just isn’t as accurate as I’d like.

Same issue here. Makes it difficult to play Shovel Knight. Just tried the same thing on a Wii U pro controller and had no issues. I can hold all the way on the edge of the left or right on the dpad and rock up and down and those inputs get pressed. Rather frustrating.

While these are all anecdotal reports and shouldn’t be taken as evidence that some greater issue is at large, I’m curious what your experience has been with your D-Pad Pro Controller. I haven’t been able to find one in a store around me for 60 miles, though I’ll be going out this weekend in another attempt. How’s your D-Pad holding up?

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