Sony FS7 was one of the most popular semi-professional video cameras when it launched a few years ago and now it is still that much popular in the market. The high quality video, the design and affordable price made it a great video device for YouTubers and independent movie makers. With that success Sony has decided to launch a successor to it and they have named it the Sony FS7 II. Let’s see what is new about this one.

First of all let’s see the physical aspects. The FS7 II has a tool-less design to attach and adjust the viewfinder and the hand grip. So you don’t need to any extra tools or screwdriver to get those things adjusted on the body od the camera. It also has a lever lock type E-mount. This will allow you to unmount the lens by just turning the lens collar. So you will not have to remove the lens support rig and turn the lens itself just the lens collar. This saves a lot of time.

Another new feature is the electronic variable ND filter. Now with the new electronic ND filter you can adjust it within its stop range pretty nicely even when you are shooting. Also you can put it in Auto mode and just shoot. Also you are allowed to assign any three values to the preset buttons and you can also switch to them quickly. This is another feature that makes shooting just that much easy for someone who is starting out and has a non-flexible time frame to work with.

The FS7 II has a price tag of $10,000. Sony is also selling a kit package with 18-110mm E-mount Super 35mm lens with the camera. This package with cost you $13,000. The Sony FS7 II will launch on January 2017. Also Sony is launching the new 256GB XQD card with the FS7 II camera. Now with the new launch Sony is not going to stop making the older FS7. Both of them will be in the market. So if you prefer to get that one. You can do that too.

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Source | Sony