Mechanical keyboards are quite expensive but they are incredibly comfortable for both typing and gaming. For those who were conscious about their budget, Razer’s Ornata keyboard might be the solution. The keyboard has introduced to a new kind of switch that Razer calls mecha-membrane, a combination of mechanical and membrane key-switches.

Designed to combine the most desirable traits of membranemecha-membrane rubber dome design with the merits of
mechanical keyboard technology, the Razer Mecha-Membrane delivers both a soft, cushioned touch and a crisp, tactile click with each keystroke. Usually users choose membrane rubber dome keyboards for comfort, while mechanical switches are favored for fast actuations and distinct tactile feedback. The Razer Mecha-Membrane is a unique mid-height keycap hybrid that provides a comfortable and efficient typing experience unlike any key type on the market. It is also bundled with a detachable ergonomic wrist rest that is magnetically held in place to make it easily removable for smaller work and gaming spaces. Here is a GIF that shows how the Mecha-Membrane Switches work.

The Razer Ornata Chroma features individually backlit keys that are powered by Razer Chroma technology, which unlocks customizable lighting features that can be synced across devices. Gamers can choose from 16.8 million colors and a variety of effects. Custom settings can be created using the Razer Synapse software platform and shared with millions of other Razer software users via the Razer Chroma Workshop. In-game Razer Chroma lighting profiles are also integrated into popular game titles, including “Overwatch,” “Call of Duty®: Black Ops III,” “Blade and Soul” and more. These profiles can display tutorials, in-game actions and more. An alternate version of the Razer Ornata with monochrome green backlighting will be available as well. It will have ability to display dynamic lighting effects via Razer Synapse.

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The Razer Ornata Chroma and Razer Ornata are available for pre order now from The Ornata Chrome is priced at $99.99 USD & the Ornata costs $79.99 USD.


Source | Razer