Garmin launched three new smartwatches at CES this year. They are the Fenix 5, Fenix 5X and the Fenix 5S. Let’s check out what we are getting with them.

Fenix 5 has a 47mm diameter display. It has a heart rate tracking and active GPS, GLONASS that measures your pace, speed, the distance you have covered and pulse. The heart rate monitor shows stats using elevation vertical image. So you can compare your pace and performance in real time and do the necessary improvements. Also a few preset sports options are running, biking, hiking, triathlons, paddle boarding and for some reason golf. Also there is something called the estimator. It shows a maximum volume of oxygen that you might need to consume per minute. The battery will last up to two weeks of regular usage and in full racing mode it will last you up to 20 hours. That is very impressive. Cause 20 hours means it will not run out in the middle of a session. The stainless steel bezel is used as an antenna and it can record the stats of your last workout.

Then we have the Fenix 5S. It is a little smaller than the Fenix 5. The Fenix 5S has a 42mm diameter display with a close enough design. But the size has nothing to do with the specs. Cause Garmin is delivering the same performance as the previous one. Little smaller in battery with 13 hours of battery life in racing mode. The size is not actually about making it a little cheaper. This one is targeted more at their female users.

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Finally they showed off the Fenix 5X. This is a larger one with a 51mm diameter display and a few extra features. So you get preloaded topographical maps of the US, cycling road maps and navigation. I’m guessing if they give it an international launch maps of other countries will be preloaded too. You can also do a Round Trip Run or a bike Ride. This would help you fix a route and turn it into a routine map. It also supports Wi-Fi and has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass to cover it.

You can get all these smartwatches at the Garmin website. The price tag on the Fenix 5 and Fenix 5S are $600 and Fenix 5X has a price tag of $700.


Source | Garmin