Keys and passwords have been the most common types of locks. However, with growing popularity of biometric identification technology, biological features such as fingerprint and iris recognition have been used to lock and unlock devices and computers. A variety of fingerprint door locks have emerged in smart home applications. After its fingerprint USB flash drives received wide recognition, Topmore has been developing fingerprint devices that can be used in daily life. The newly developed fingerprint padlocks combined Topmore’s unique fingerprint identification technology and the characteristics of a padlock to provide customers with a convenient, easy-to-use, and highly secure locking solution.

AMarvel-themed accessory for everyday use

After the launch of the Captain America and Iron Man fingerprint USB flash drives, Topmore has launched three fingerprint padlocks in the form of Avengers characters. Thor is the next line-up superhero. Completely made of metal, each of the padlocks comes with a unique nameplate and has its own dedicated color scheme. They are not only the best choice for Marvel fans’ collections but also represent their distinctive personalities.

▲   Three superhero characters, each with a unique nameplate

▲   Streamlined design with a fingerprint sensor and an indicator on the back

▲ On one side of the padlock there is a hole for charm straps at the bottom to provide higher portability

▲  A micro USB charging portsituated on the other side of the padlock

▲Iron Man

▲Captain America


Topmore’s Marvel-themed fingerprint padlock is equipped with a 50mAH Lithium rechargeable battery which can be used up to 1200 times on one battery charge. That means if the padlock is unlocked four times a day, the battery can last for 10 months after one charge. In addition, the padlock is furnished with an IP54-rated casing which is water and dust resistant; therefore, you can rest assured that the padlock can cope with all kinds of everyday emergencies and will not be damaged by rain.

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Safe and Convenient Operation to Provide Higher Security for Your Life

All of the three padlocks feature Topmore’s advanced capacitive fingerprint identification technology which guarantees high levels of security and outstanding identification speed and accuracy. Once the padlock is locked, it is nearly impossible to break the encryption. You can learn about the status of the lock through the built-in indicator and sounds. Operation is extremely easy as the head of the lock is the switch. The extended hook provides more convenience so you can use it to lock your beloved bags, public cloakrooms, or gym lockers. Since no keys or passwords are required, you don’t need to worry about losing keys or forgetting passwords. The padlock will be unlocked by placing your finger on the fingerprint sensor. In addition, the lock is completely made of metal and has been proved by lock vendors to withstand a tension and torque force of up to 30kg, giving you peace of mind.

▲Built-in sounds and the indicator keep you informed of the status of the padlock.

Topmore’s fingerprint padlocks are easy to use. As shown in the company’s video, you can register fingerprints without using a PC.

Operating instruction for Topmore’s fingerprint padlocks.

▲ All models are made of metal to provide peace of mind

▲ Operation is made easy with the indicator and built-in sounds

▲ High-tech fingerprint identification technology helps you secure your valuables

However, you should bear in mind that any locks, whether they use keys, passwords, or fingerprint identification, only offer basic protection. The locks can still be vandalized by brute force. Therefore, instead of completely relying on the unbreakable fingerprint identification technology, the best way to protect your valuables is to keep them with you at all times. The fingerprint padlocks provide a safe and convenient method for protection, but true security hinges on your carefulness.

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