HealthReveal, a healthcare technology company that anticipates and mitigates adverse medical events for individuals with chronic disease, has announced  a strategic investment by Northwell Ventures contributing to the Series A funding of $11.3 million. The Series A round was led by GE Ventures and joined by Greycroft Partners and Flare Capital Partners.

HealthReveal partners with leading providers, payers and employers to guide patients to better health and preempt life-threatening occurrences. The company has developed a next-generation, cloud-based, decision support solution that analyzes the health of at-risk patients in real time. By using the power of evidence-based medicine and providing continual monitoring as a foundation for machine learning, health risks are detected and proactively addressed to avoid costly utilization and permanent adverse health outcomes.

“We are delighted to invest in HealthReveal’s technology, which we expect will enhance their customers’ ability to combat chronic disease,” said Thomas Thornton, senior vice president and executive director of Northwell Ventures, which evaluates, develops and finances novel companies that advance Northwell’s growth and generate attractive returns. “The company brings a unique focus in deploying evidence-based medicine to assist patients and their doctors to make better and earlier decisions to optimize health.”

“With Northwell as a strategic partner, we have an opportunity to ensure that incontrovertible medical knowledge is consistently and broadly applied by clinicians in providing evidence-based care,” said Dr. Lonny Reisman, the Company’s CEO and founder. “By looking at each patient personally and comprehensively we can make a meaningful improvement in clinical outcomes, medical costs and value.”



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