There are but only a handful of industries left that didn’t need to adopt technology and Internet, yet. In fact, you would need to think really hard to come up with the names of just 3. However, the Gambling industry clearly saw the benefits of using technology and the impact is clearly visible!

The following are the top 5 technological advancements that have taken the gambling industry to a whole new level:

  1. Online Casinos

The Internet is flooded with a slew of gambling platforms that offer all your classic games such as blackjack, poker, slots, what have you. However, there is also no dearth of modern and themed-games that are more suited to the millennials. These include slots based on popular movies like Star Wars, Spiderman, etc.

Today, you can play all your favorite casino games on your laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. So, essentially, you can be anywhere in this world, as long as you have network connectivity nothing can stop you from gambling and having a great time.

Fun Trivia: According to Statista, online gambling market was worth $45.86 billion in 2016, and it’s projected to hit 56.05 billion by 2018 itself.   

  1. RFID Chips

In a bid to check fake casino chips and thefts, many top casinos have now started using RFID chips. While on the surface, these chips may look like any standard casino chip, inside they have microchips that emit radio frequencies that are recognized by compatible hardware installed at the casino tables. However, they are placed in a way that they are not in plain view so as to avoid drawing attention.

To give an example how big of a change the RFID technology has made in the industry, when a man robbed the Bellagio casino of $1.5 million worth of chips a few years back, they simply turned off the transmitters and made the chips useless.

  1. Virtual Reality
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No one saw it coming, but virtual reality (VR) turned out to be a game-changer in the gambling industry. Although the technology itself is yet to mature and the total number of VR casino games are limited today, the trend continues and is expected to boom soon.

There are several VR casino games such as poker that you can play with your Oculus Rift, or Slot Millions, which doesn’t even need any VR hardware and offers great casino space with plenty of fun games.

  1. Biometric Face Recognition

We all know that most casinos use security cameras to keep an eye on any “fishy” business that may take place on the premises. However, for a long time, this was done in a manual manner by security personnel who would man the digital cameras to keep an eye on the “suspicious guests”.

However, this is now taken to the next level with biometric face recognition (BFR) technology.

Advanced BFR systems can now analyze the face of every guest that steps into a casino and compare it with the database to check if they had a history of unwanted behavior. If they do, the systems immediately alert the security.

  1. Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world which has now led to the rise of several bitcoin gambling platforms. One of the reasons why it’s loved by so many online gamblers is that it’s simple to use and widely accepted. However, the biggest reason, perhaps, has to do with the kind of anonymity it provides.

Since Bitcoin is not regulated by any central bank or government organization, no one can trace a gambler’s identity if they are using bitcoins.

Technology is continuing to improve the online gambling proposition- there are no two ways about it. In fact, we can certainly expect even more futuristic gambling environments in the near future!


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